Astounding internet features in Spectrum and Cox

14 Sep

IT service providing companies got established for the convenience of the people which blessed people with amazing internet speed along with astonishing features. They offered diverse packages so anybody whether a student, a small family, themultinational company would gain benefit from their services.Some of the most highly rated and astounding internet services include Spectrum and Cox communications. Both of these are well recognized for their fastest speed and distinct features they provide. Both of these companies got successful in securing their top position in the competitive market. They both are considered as competitors of each other. People get confused while choosing in Cox and spectrum internet service. Here is the comparison discussed below between the distinct internet features of both companies.


  • Panoramic Wi-Fi helps in reaching internet signal to every inch of your home.
    wireless router
  • 500,000 plus Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Cox security suite powered by MacAfee
  • You can have 10 email accounts
  • You can have the opportunity to reboot your modem
  • You can change the security settings which suits you.
  • You have the chance to get unlimited or 500GB additional data plan


Charter Spectrum is considered as one of the most leading Charter internet service provider in the USA. It provides amazing offer of the Spectrum double play gold in which you will be allowed to choose any two services you want.

  • It has extraordinary quality internet speed which is much better than any DSL internet.
  • Other than providing its services to residential areas, it also helps businesses to run smoothly. It offers all those services at no extra cost which your business needs to move towards productivity. These free services include the website address, custom email address, secured network, cloud storage etc.
  • Cloud backup helps in storage of data with quality security.
  • Internet security assists in securing business data.
  • Static IP helps in creating the address that would remain unchanged.
  • Webhosting is used in site gaining traffic by offering tools and features.
  • Wi-Fi solutions
  • Fiber internet
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